Jocelyn Noveck was approached with the exclusive that the anti-harassment organization, Time’s Up, was folding. The New York-based entertainment writer’s story was uniquely authoritative thanks to her years of diligent reporting on the #MeToo movement that landed her the scoop.

The remaining resources of the organization, which became beset by scandals, are going to a legal defense fund administered by the separate National Women’s Law Center.

The piece forced the highly competitive entertainment trades to pick up the story with credit to AP. The Hollywood Reporter was the sole outfit to independently confirm the news, but it came a day after Noveck’s story and credited the AP. The Los Angeles Times ran Noveck’s piece instead of matching it.

The story by Noveck moved on a Saturday evening because of fears the news could leak, but it still notched more than 275 source matches and 50,000 pageviews.