Reporters Gillian Flaccus, Portland, Oregon, and Jocelyn Gecker, San Francisco, produced the most-engaged enterprise story of the week, looking at how families are dealing with schooling from home – or in some cases, giving up. AP got into families’ homes to tell emotional stories of parents trying to work full-time and helping their kids with online classes while worrying about the future implications.

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Kindergartener Henry Martinsen makes food in Quincy, Mass., March 22, 2020, in a photo provided by his family. “We tried to make (home schooling) work the first week. We put together a schedule, and what we found is that forcing a child who is that young into a fake teaching situation is really, really hard,” said his mother, Alexandra Nicholson. “I’d rather have him watch classic Godzilla movies and play in the yard and pretend to be a Jedi rather than figure out basic math.”

Alexandra Nicholson via AP