Retail reporter Anne D'Innocenzio spotted a sourced story in the NY Post that Target had recently held an emergency meeting to relocate some of its LGBTQ+ merchandise after receiving backlash at certain stores. She quickly reached out to Target and was the first to confirm that the company indeed moved the items and planned to yank some of the more controversial ones, like “tuck-friendly” bathing suits for adults.

Anne knew there was a larger story there and paired up with Dee-Ann Durbin to capture the outrage by advocates in the LGBTQ+ community who criticized Target for bowing to pressure from conservatives. Dee-Ann provided essential context, having recently covered the backlash against Bud Light when it featured transgender social media star Dylan Mulvaney on a beer can. Together, Anne and Dee-Ann provided a full picture of Target's long history supporting the LGBTQ+ community, why it backpedaled, and what challenges companies face when they try to be all things to all customers and end up angering many of them in the process.

Anne and Dee-Ann’s story dominated the headlines, and media outlets from the New York Times to the Washington Post chased the story.