Covering a protest of thousands is often chaotic and sometimes dangerous. Trying to tell the personal stories of protesters under those conditions can be difficult at best. But an AP team of dozens of writers, video journalists and photographers did just that over recent weeks, fanning out across the globe to tell the intimate stories of individual protesters as hundreds of thousands took to the streets in opposition of racial injustice.

With datelines from Canberra, Australia to Stockholm to Kansas City, Missouri, and many others, the multiform reporting team of Claire Galofaro, Martha Irvine, Jake Seiner, Brian Mahoney, Brady McCombs, Stacey Plaisance, Robert Bumsted, Maye-E Wong, Charles Riedel, Rick Bowmer, Heather Hollingsworth, Mohamed Ibrahim, Rod McGuirk, Mike Householder, Allen Breed, David Keyton, Colleen Long, Janie Har and Jim Mone captured a tapestry of voices that represents the diversity of the movement.

The widely used package – including 14 social videos edited by Darrell Allen, portrait photos, an Instagram story by Alyssa Goodman and multiple video edits by Martha Irvine – had nearly 60,000 views in five days. And a video-led social plan by Ragan Clark has received more than 300,000 views on Twitter.