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Best of the Week - First Winner Aug. 12, 2022

Deep sourcing and sensitive reporting deliver blockbuster on Mormon sex abuse cover-up

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AP investigative reporter Mike Rezendes’ years of source work led him to a stunning discovery: a so-called help line that enabled a cover-up of sex abuse in the Mormon church community, including the case of a 5-year-old Arizona girl, molested by her father for seven years while church leaders were aware of the abuse.

Rezendes, video journalist Jessie Wardarski and photographer Dario Lopez met with victims and their families, earning their trust and telling the story in the victims’ own voices. The resulting package, including illustrations by Peter Hamlin, was one of AP’s most-viewed investigative projects of the year, protecting the victims even as it revealed a systemic effort to cover up horrific child sex abuse.

For deep sourcing and commitment to report a story with both impact and sensitivity, Rezendes, Wardarski, Lopez and Hamlin earn AP’s Best of the Week — First Winner honors.

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Best of the Week - Second Winner Aug. 12, 2022

Strong sourcing, teamwork put AP first with US drone strike on al-Qaida leader

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A terse White House statement at 5:02 p.m. on Monday night sent news organizations scrambling: The president would soon announce a “successful counterterrorism operation against a significant Al Qaeda target in Afghanistan.”

Reporters across AP’s Washington bureau jumped in to work contacts, quickly confirming with multiple sources that al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri had been killed.

AP was first with news, moving an alert at 5:27 p.m., followed shortly by comprehensive all-formats reporting from the capital and beyond. The coverage exemplified what the news cooperative does best: leverage sources, collaborate with vigor and use AP’s footprint and authority to win on the big story.

For a global beat on this highly competitive breaking story, the team of Matt Lee, Aamer Madhani, Zeke Miller, Nomaan Merchant, James LaPorta, Lee Keath, Lolita Baldor, Michael Balsamo and Ellen Knickmeyer is AP’s Best of the Week — Second Winner.

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