DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS: 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time Tuesday (0700 GMT Tuesday during daylight saving time, 0800 GMT Tuesday during standard time). Deadline extended 24 hours in weeks with a U.S. national holiday on Monday.

Combined submission form: Every week, The Associated Press will award $500 for the news scoop or exclusive that did the most to enhance AP’s competitive position in the previous seven days. And to recognize the depth and breadth of our state-based journalism – and its core role with our membership – AP will also award $300 each week for coverage judged the Best of the States.

The competitions are open to all AP staffers and contributors in text, photos, interactives, video, audio and TV. Nominations should cite one individual or, if a group was involved, the few individuals who did the most to achieve the beat.

You may nominate the coverage for both contests if it truly fits, but don’t automatically enter both. For example, a national exclusive from Washington may not fit the Best of the States competition with its local or regional focus. Nor do one-state scoops always fit the wider field for Beat of the Week. Please use your judgment.

The weekly contest will run from Monday morning through Sunday night and includes work sent for use in Monday morning newspapers. Work published after 3 a.m. Eastern time Monday will be eligible for the next contest period.