AP teams on the ground produced some of the most widely used images from Alexei Navalny’s funeral. They were first to get images out from inside the church service and AP provided continuous live video coverage, unlike competitors, who failed to get out a signal.

Volodya Kondrashov managed to get one of the first shots of the coffin arriving to the church, which went out live on our live channels and was turned quickly as an edit. Kirill Zarubin managed to get into the church and shoot the whole ceremony on his phone for both photos and video, producing some of the defining images of the funeral. He also managed to get above the jamming signal in a nearby apartment building to offer incredible live top shots of the swelling crowds travelling from the church to the cemetery. Sergey Karelin offered a very good top shot live of the cemetery, despite being hassled by police. He then re-based to the cemetery where persistent efforts to connect the LiveU paid off enabling him to offer live shots of the burial from an excellent position at the cemetery. In photos, Sasha Zemlianichenko and Dima Lovetsky sent one of the first shots of the coffin arriving to the church, a photo of Navalny’s mother and mother-in-law at the burial. Despite jamming of the internet, they got the images out by running several kilometers outside of the jamming zone. Even Navalny’s team started using AP’s YouTube feed on their own live stream of the event. Teletrax showed the live was used by 154 clients and received a whopping 1,744 hits.