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Best of the Week - First Winner Aug. 05, 2022

Innovative AP team sheds light on methane ‘super emitters’ — invisible and virtually unregulated

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It’s difficult to write a compelling story about a highly technical subject, harder still to produce a rich visual package on a literally invisible threat — but this all-formats AP team rose to the challenge, delivering an engaging package on “super emitters” of methane, an extremely potent greenhouse gas.

The journalists took the coordinates of 533 known sites along the Texas-New Mexico border and painstakingly cross-referenced them with public documents to piece together the corporations most likely responsible. And because methane is invisible, AP used a specialized infrared camera to make mesmerizing still and video images of the gas spewing into the sky.

The package, as distinctive as it is alarming, received heavy play and readership, and had impact: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced it was launching an enforcement action.

For smart, innovative journalism, and above all teamwork, Michael Biesecker, Helen Wieffering, David Goldman, Mike Pesoli and Dario Lopez earn AP’s Best of the Week — First Winner honors.

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Best of the Week - Second Winner Aug. 05, 2022

AP Exclusive: Japan’s gender equality minister blasts male colleagues for ‘ignorance’

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Careful planning and smart questions by AP’s Tokyo-based all-formats team produced an outspoken AP interview with Seiko Noda, Japan’s minister for gender equality, who is a leading contender to be Japan’s first female prime minister.

Noda spoke candidly and at length, sounding off on one of the world’s most glaring gender gaps and what it’s been like for a woman to break into the world of Japanese politics. She called the country’s record low birthrate and plunging population a national crisis, blaming “indifference and ignorance” in the male-dominated Japanese parliament.

The AP package turned heads in Japan and beyond. For a revealing interview that exposed women’s simmering frustration with Japan’s male-centric political culture, the team of Mari Yamaguchi, Eugene Hoshiko, Haruka Nuga and Foster Klug earns AP’s Best of the Week — Second Winner.

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