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Best of the Week - First Winner Sept. 30, 2022

AP exposes candidate’s lies; upends one of the year’s most competitive congressional races

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This AP exclusive started with a tip: A Republican nominee in Ohio had made questionable claims about his tenure in the Air Force.

J.R. Majewski told voters he was a combat veteran with a tour of duty in Afghanistan, but reporters Brian Slodysko and James LaPorta, joined by investigative researcher Randy Herschaft, reported extensively using public documents, expert interviews and a survey of former employers, revealing that among multiple misrepresentations, Majewski did not deploy to Afghanistan but instead spent six-months loading planes in Qatar. He was also demoted and barred from reenlisting.

The story was a hit with readers and had rival news outlets citing AP’s exclusive, while the Republican Party pulled its advertising money from Majewski, essentially giving up on his race.

For deep source work and dogged reporting that exposed a political candidate’s blatant lies about his record, Slodysko, LaPorta and Herschaft take AP’s Best of the Week — First Winner honors.

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Best of the Week - Second Winner Sept. 30, 2022

AP’s global news team covers the UN General Assembly with robust, diverse journalism

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Months ago, The Associated Press committed to delivering more global, innovative and thematic coverage than ever around the United Nations General Assembly. With collaboration that spanned the AP’s international footprint, the team delivered coverage that stayed on top of the spot news and captured the flavor of the world’s biggest planned diplomatic event.

Excellence in all-formats delivery was the first area of success — the team knew it needed to break down the sprawling coverage into accessible, shareable chunks. Another win was leveraging the expertise of AP’s beat teams — Climate and Education to name a couple — and staffers across the globe, whose perspective consistently elevated AP’s coverage. An almost unheard-of on-camera interview with new Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos was just one highlight.

Throughout the week, the digital team executed a smart social plan, amplifying the multiformat content.

For sweeping, in-depth coverage that was second to none, the UNGA team is AP’s Best of Week — Second Winner.

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