In an ambitious project, Russia correspondent Dasha Litvinova and Top Stories Hub editor Brian Friedman detailed the depth and reach of Putin’s crackdown against dissent in a series of stories pegged to Russia’s presidential elections. They described the origins of the crackdown, the targets, power plays, impacts and any hope for the future.

Litvinova produced a main story, along with six other pieces — both narratives and explainers/glances — to tell the full story. She worked with other AP teams to produce accompanying sketches, graphics, fact boxes and social plans to boost engagement and understanding with the audience.

Friedman helped Litvinova frame the project and the stories, also serving as a sounding board as she reported them out. Friedman edited all the narrative pieces.

The project that highlighted Putin’s growing intolerance with dissent and his confidence in dealing with it were well used by AP customers and widely shared online.