A cross-format team of Rodney Muhumuza, Hajarah Nalwadda and Patrick Onen followed officials deep into the forests of northern Uganda to capture tensions between charcoal makers and authorities after a recent ban on its production to protect the climate and local environment.

They went deep into the forest of Gulu in northern Uganda. Through contacts and careful planning, they were able to follow a local official into a charcoal burner’s den, but the workers had already fled. The reporting team stayed put until the workers returned, despite threats from the local official to burn the entire operation there and then. They gathered interviews with the workers, while the official protested. The workers argued they were simply making a living and feeding the demand for charcoal that even authorities used for their cooking.

The Africa and Climate desks coordinated the presentation, curated by Alyssa Goodman, and editing in all formats for a stunning final package.