Richmond newsperson Sarah Rankin; Holly Ramer, reporter, New Hampshire Bureau; Denise Lavoie, reporter, Virginia bureau; Steve Helber, photographer, Virginia; Nathan Ellgren, video journalist, Washington: Ben Finley, reporter, Virginia bureau; Hank Kurz, sportswriter, Virginia; John Seewer, reporter, Ohio bureau; Rhonda Shafner, researcher, New York; and Bernard McGhee, editor, U.S. desk, kept the AP ahead and produced a nuanced and well-rounded report on the victims and students in the fatal shooting of three football players at the University of Virginia and wounding of two other students.

After being fast on the news break, AP was ahead on the information about the cause of death and location of victims' wounds. Fast-filing of the first news conference got urgent material on the suspect's capture and other details out more quickly than competitors. A story on student experiences earned strong play, with AP later named pool photographer for the school's massive memorial.